Your partner or your pet?


If you're the one in five who prefers their pet to their partner, here's how to create a perfect pet friendly home for all


Research for National Pet Month reveals that up to one in six have chosen the pet over the person and ended a relationship. However, these tips to create a more harmonious home for everyone might just help


Fancy a quiet night in curled up on the sofa and watching a movie, but with your pet instead of your partner?

You're not the only one.

The latest research for National Pet Month by Panasonic Smart Home claims that 25% of the 2,000 respondents prefer a night in alone with their pet, and a third like their animal companion more than their friends.

You, Me and the Cat - or maybe not

And a surprising one in six said that their relationship with a pet cost them their relationship with a human.

Pining for your return, but maybe not for your partner

When we are away from our cats and dogs, the research suggests that over 50% would like to be able to talk to their pet regularly, with some even installing a pet monitoring system.

But if that is just a step and cost too far, there are many ways we can ensure our homes are pet friendly and that all humans and furry loved ones can live in harmony together under the same roof.

These tips just might save a few of those pet induced relationship break-ups.
1. Match interiors to your pet; yes really

No matter how much you vacuum, fur has an uncanny ability to build up on sofas, rugs and floors. It might sound daft at first, but why not match your colour scheme to the colour of your pet’s fur? If your ginger Tom cat is a molting menace that annoys your partner, how about an orange sofa, or throw? Don’t forget about your kitchen too. High gloss black units look great – until they show up every stray white hair.
Sorry, you shouldn't have chosen a blue cat bed blanket, it definitely doesn't match the fur

2. Scratch test

Hardwood floors or laminate provide a room with warmth, while being incredibly easy to mop clean – so perfect for pet owners. But remember, bigger dogs can easily scratch wood, so if claws are a problem, elegant ceramic tiles would work well.
3. Avoid porous surfaces

Not all hard floor surfaces are as pet proof as you might think. Marble and other natural stone surfaces are porous, and even if they’re sealed, acidic pet spittle could seep through and stain. Sounds lovely.
Look mate, if you chew the human furniture, we will chew yours

4. Choose the right carpet

If hard surfaces leave you cold, and you can’t bear to be without carpet, choose one that’s both stain resistant, and is low-pile, which makes cleaning up pet accidents much easier. Continuous loop carpet should be avoided, as they can easily unravel when caught by a claw.
5. Don’t forget the pet’s furniture

If your other half is unhappy with the pet using the human furniture or attacking it, then your pet needs their own. Time to go pet accessory shopping. On the list should be a dog or cat bed, a scratching post, and chew toys.
Spending more on the dog's bed than yours? But it is sooo cute

6. Leather and cats don’t mix

Distressed leather furniture can look great, but not if it has been distressed by a cat. Clawing at leather will eventually tear it and make it look unsightly. So if you have a feline, it’s best to stay leather-free.
7. Washing blues

Make sure you can pop it in the washing machine - that's furniture covers, blankets and bedding, not the pet.
8. Mud guard

With all that mud out there, your pet’s entrance to the home is bound to get messy. So to try and keep the grime at bay, have a stain resistant rug or hard surface floor by the cat flap or doggy door.

How about a room dedicated to your pet? Many pet owners have a boot room or utility room that is now the perfect pooch room, but make sure you provide a cooling place for pets to sleep in hot weather too.
He doesn't look too happy at being stuck in the boot room but it might just save your relationship

9. Dusty decisions

Homes with animals are naturally dustier than pet-free places, so you’ll need to decide whether you want furniture with long enough legs for you to easily dust underneath them, or have your sofa and sideboard at floor level, to make sure hair and dust won’t gather below.

Oh, and a specialist pet focused vacuum cleaner is a must.

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