Our flea/heartworm recommendations

As many of us know, fleas and heartworms are a huge problem in South Carolina.

We are considered a HIGH RISK heartworm area according to the American Heartworm Society.

Heartworm in dogs is difficult and expensive to treat, and there is no effective cure for the disease in cats. The safest solution is to eliminate the possibility of pets ever contracting the condition. Parasite preventives are easy to use, and they work if you follow the dosage instructions and your veterinarian’s recommendations. Some require monthly applications, while others must be given semi-annually, but all of the medications on the market provide year-round protection.

For our dogs,  We recommend:

1) Trifexis- oral heartworm/ flea/ dewormer monthly (no ticks)


2) Interceptor Plus-  oral heartworm/ dewormer/ tapeworm monthly (no fleas/ticks)


3) ProHeart-  injectable heartworm prevention every 6 months (no fleas/ticks)

Now remember, if we are using Interceptor Plus or ProHeart, we will need a flea prevention.  For this, we have had the best success using:

1) Bravecto-  oral flea and tick prevention every 3 months.

For our feline friends, we recommend:

1) Revolution-  topical heartworm/ flea/ dewormer monthly

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